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Proteus: Artifact Edition

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Image of Proteus: Artifact Edition
  • Image of Proteus: Artifact Edition
  • Image of Proteus: Artifact Edition
  • Image of Proteus: Artifact Edition

by Ed Key and David Kanaga

The Edition is a collection of beautiful, esoteric objects, expanding on the world and ethos of the multi-award winning/nominated game Proteus. Items include a ‘History’ booklet, the ‘Proteus Suites’ audio CD, containing 4 suites of music based on the soundscape of the game. There is also the “Field Guide”, a zine-like booklet exploring the ideas of music and wandering at the heart of the game, and which may offer careful readers insights to other items in the box, including the Protean Map cards. All these come in an attractive presentation box and offer the player/reader hours of time to explore the items within: Like Proteus, tools for exploration, not just consumption.

  • “Field Guide” - abstract zine-like booklet about and embodying music and wandering.
  • “History” booklet - images from development
  • “Proteus Suites” audio CD - 4 suites of music that reimagine the soundscape of the game. The “official” OST
  • Additional CD - Proteus installers, extensive archive of David’s musical sketches from development and related EPs, older builds including one with cities (Windows only, compatibility not guaranteed for practical reasons)
  • The Protean Map - a journey-visualizer for unknown lands

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